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Javad Oskouei

Lives in Calgary CA-AB, Canada, Studied at University of Calgary

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About Javad

Reservoir engineer with 12 years of experience with different enhanced oil recovery techniques from laboratory scale to field demonstration, Two years of experience executing field pilots (ES-SAGD and NCG co-injection), Strong background knowledge and experience simulating thermal processes (CMG-STARS), Wellbore modeling experience with CMG-STARS (SAM & Flexwell), Extensive knowledge and experience modeling reservoir fluids & tuning EoS (WinProp), Good understanding of the surface facilities’ design and operation, Strong analytical & problem solving skills (thermal & non-thermal processes), Data mining and projects evaluation skills (AccuMap & Geoscout), Leadership experience, including mentoring co-op students and EITs, Strong communication skills with significant technical report writing and public speaking experience, Proven ability to work effectively within a high volume environment and achieve project timelines.


Calgary CA-AB, Canada



New Technology Development, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Pilot Plant Design & Execution, Well-bore Modelling, PVT & EoS

Career Goals

To find challenging positions to diversify my experience and knowledge


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  1. Nexen Energy ULC

    Reservoir Specialist
    Jul 2013 - Mar 2015

    • Worked on NCG and solvent co-injection pilots.
    • Developed a multi-component fluid model for Long Lake and Kinosis development areas.
    • Executed wellbore modelling for NCG and ES-SAGD process (FlexWell).
    • Simulated NCG and solvent co-injection processes using CMG-STARS.
    • Executed a high level surface facilities’ design for NCG and ES-SAGD processes.
    • Applied troubleshooting approach to diagnose the source of the error in the pilots’ metering system.
    • Developed analytical tools required for pilots design and execution.
    • Defined pilots execution plans monthly by setting injection rates, highlighting sampling locations and frequency, and making a list of analyses for the samples.
    • Calculated solvent and NCG return monthly for ES-SAGD and NCG projects respectively.
    • Supervised Nexen technology studies at the University of Calgary.
    • Carried out competitive intelligence on Nexen competitors wind-down and NCG co-injection projects.

  2. Nexen Energy ULC

    Reservoir Engineering Consultant
    Jul 2012 - Jun 2013

    • Worked on Nexen SAGDOX project to evaluate injecting a synergic fluid (steam plus oxygen) to stimulate oil production, minimize steam-oil ratio and reduce environmental foot-prints.
    • Planned different conceptual tests (e.g. RTO, combustion tube and 3D cell experiments) to evaluate process feasibility.
    • Modeled bitumen phase behavior for combustion process.
    • Simulated RTO reactor with CMG-STARS and modeled reactor heating program.
    • Tuned relative permeability curve for RTO reactor and matched water distillation behavior in the reactor.
    • Modeled oxidation behavior of the bitumen. Tuned a kinetic model representing oxidation behavior of Long Lake bitumen. Used elements material balance approach to estimate stoichiometry coefficients and energy of reactions. Matched temperature profiles, and production rates for RTO experiments.
    • Presented SAGDOX milestones at oil-sands 101 course (Nexen internal training course) and received written accolades.

  3. University of Calgary

    Reservoir Engineering Consultant
    Jun 2011 - Jun 2012

    • Worked on experimental evaluation of Expanding Solvent-Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (ES-SAG) process for Nexen Long Lake asset.
    • Designed and fabricated the test facilities required for ES-SAGD process. The physical model was representing a typical SAGD well pair at Long Lake asset. Tested all pieces of equipment and assured they would pass required safety codes.
    • Created a comprehensive plan to execute the project. Planned a schedule to run the experiments, analyze the fluids and complete post-run matrix analyses. Optimized the work load in the laboratory and met project deadlines.
    • Executed the experiments. Produced a summary of the results which showed the positive effect of the solvent co-injection on the SOR reduction.
    • Invented a novel bitumen dehydration technique & proved its integrity by comparing compositional analysis of the bitumen before and after dehydration. The method was commercialized later.
    • Two patents were issued from the results.

  4. University of Calgary

    Research Engineer
    Jan 2007 - May 2011

    • Worked on experimental evaluation of Post-SAGD In-Situ Combustion recovery method.
    • Designed & fabricated the test facilities. The physical model was representing a typical SAGD well pair at Athabasca reservoir. Tested all pieces of equipment and assured they would pass required safety codes.
    • Executed the lab experiments. Analyzed produced fluids’ samples and developed material balance calculations to assure data integrity. Analyzed the results which showed improvement in the oil recovery.
    • Developed a spreadsheet calculating energy lost from the lab model. The results showed that the majority of injected energy was lost to annulus. Also, developed up-scaling calculations for the lab results and estimated oil production rate in the field.
    • Simulated SAGD experiments with CMG-STARS. Tuned the simulation model and matched production rates.

  5. Sahand Petroleum Research Centre

    Research Engineer
    Jan 2003 - Dec 2007

    • Worked on evaluating water and gas injection for carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.
    • Designed and built a laboratory pilot plant simulating high-temperature/high-pressure conditions in the reservoirs. Tested all pieces of equipment at operation conditions and assured they would pass all safety codes. Used the facilities to execute water injection and water alternating gas injection experiments. The design was patented.
    • Executed water and gas injection experiments. Analyzed produced fluids and compared oil recovery performance under different injection scenarios. Prepared the reports and presented to the project sponsors.


  1. University of Calgary

    Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering
    Graduated in 2011
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