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The Profile section is where you can share your IOR EDGE identity. It is here where other users can learn more about who you are. Your personal and professional information can be displayed, and you can choose what and how much information you would like others to see using our privacy settings.

All your Profile information can be modified in the Account tab. Other users can keep up-to-date with your activities on the site, by looking at your Recent Activity section.

The Profile section will include:

Latest Activity: Shows all of your latest activity with the most current actions at the top.
Forum Posts: Check out your latest Forum posts. You can revisit the thread you posted in without having to search through the forum by clicking this link.
Profile Image: The image that you chose for your profile is displayed here.
Résumé This is where your résumé PDF is displayed to the IOR Edge network. This is publically accessable.
Update Status: You can let all the Connections in your Network know what is new with you.