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The Forum section is a great section to interact with other users on a variety of various subjects.

The different sections of the Forum our divided by major heading and the sub headings to ease your browsing. You can enter any of the Forum subsections and begin reading the threads of your choosing or to create a thread of your own.

After you have chosen the thread you would like to read you will have a few new options to converse with other users. You can Reply to the user posts with your own comments. If you would like to learn more about any of the users posting in the Forum, just click their name to see their profile.

The Forum section will include:

  1. You can Reply to user comments one of three ways. You can either; Click the [+] Reply to respond to thread in general.
  2. Click the Reply button under a specific post to reply to that user.
  3. Click the Reply With Quote to reply to a specific user’s post while quoting what they wrote.
Forum Stats: At the bottom of the page there is also a section where you can view the various users online. You can also view the number of posts, threads and regularly.
Subscriptions: You can subscribe to any thread by clicking the "Subscribe to this thread" button at the top of each thread. By default, you subscribe to every thread you reply to. Also, all the threads you create will be added to your subscribe list, unless you uncheck the subscribe feature in the "Post a New Thread" form. To view the threads your subscribed to, click Forums > My Subscriptions. There you can also remove threads from your subscriptions.
Infractions: Forum users can receive infractions or points against them when abusing the forum. If you receive an infraction by one of our forum moderators, you can see what you were infracted for and on which thread. Too many infractions may get you banned from the forums.
Search Forum Posts: By going to Forums > Search you can search forum topics and find threads you may be interested in.