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The people a part of our network study, work in and are passionate about the oil and gas industry. They are situated all over the world and share various backgrounds and ethnicities.

Mainstream social networks have a broad user base and your advertisement is often not seen by the right people. IOR EDGE has already targeted your key demographic, making your ads more effective, and your company more visible.

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Your company appears on IOR EDGE.

Your ads appear at the best possible placements throughout IOR EDGE. On our blog, in social profiles, on the forums, in the technology section and wherever else our audience is. We constantly work on positioning ad placements that will yield the best possible results for your campaigns.

We help you create targeted campaign strategies.

Create a specific campaign goal, i.e. recruiting, or have multiple campaigns. Whether your ad campaign goal is to market a specific product or recruit new talent, we can help you.

As people click on your ads, they land on your website where they learn more about your business, make a purchase or apply for a career opportunity.

Maximize results with effective ads.

Our design team can work with you to design standard-size banners with your campaign goals in mind.

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We will work with your company to build an effective advertising strategy that fits your budget and maximizes your leads.