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Julie Schiller

Dallas TX, United States Julie Schiller Posts: 10

•Exposure to variety of projects both domestic and internationally, including unconventional, conventional, and off shore drilling
•Clients are approximately 35%-50% International depending on the calendar year, and international travel expected
•Pay scale is typically 30-35% higher than an operator, minus override/participation plans
•Bulk of Staff are from Exxon, ConocoPhillips, Schlumberger, and major or large independent operators
•Staff who have remained 4+ years have a 95% chance of equity role based on history, less then 5%turnover of existing staff per year
•Extensive training and development program with ability to move into a Team Leader or VP role with equity
•Large sign-on/relocation bonus paid for assistance to the area
•Bonus paid on # of consulting hours
•2 annual bonuses paid
•4-5 additional discretionary bonuses paid on firm’s profitability

Ideal candidates would be 5 minimum - 15 years maximum experience
Masters prepared candidates
Strong technical interpretation and structural geology understanding is a must

Interested professionals should contact Julie Schiller in confidence at 760-274-0109 or julies@newportsearch.com.

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