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Downhole Steam Generation

John Pinto

John Pinto Posts: 1

Hello everybody.

I have been doing some research about Downhole Steam Generation, (DSG), as far as I have seen it is a promising thermal technique that could be used in Steam Drive with great benefits, even though I haven't seen much field applications, my question is why?

Have any of you heard about any field/bench test experiences?

Have any of you had the chance to work at any DSG project? 

I would really appreciate your comments and thoughts about this interesting topic.

Regards from Colombia.


John Pinto Carvajal

Downhole Steam Generation Challenges

John Belgrave

Calgary Alberta, Canada John Belgrave Posts: 121

Hi John,

Direct-fired downhole steam generator (DSG) in thermal oil recovery projects has several
operational, economic and environmental advantages over conventional surface steam generating systems. Some of these advantages include:

  • Reduced atmospheric pollution,
  • Reduced surface and wellbore heat losses, which increasing the feasible operating depth, Increased recovery rates from the combined injection of steam and combustion-derived CO2, and
  • Potential for offshore steaming.
However there are several technical challenges:
  • Downhole steam generation requires supplies of fuel, water, and oxidizer to produce steam at the sandface. Multiple strings must be run to supply the generator with these fluids.
  • The operation of a continuously-fired, high-intensity burner within the the confines of an oil well presents a number of technical problems, the most intractable of which relates to the selection of materials to operate at high burner temperatures.
  • The risk of excessive corrosion rates by co-injection of CO2 with condensing steam at high temperature has been demonstrated by various field tests of combustor-type downhole steam generators.

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RE: Downhole Steam Generation

Suzanne Prentice

United States Suzanne Prentice Posts: 1

Our company BlackBird Energy has sucessfully completed an 11month field test of our Downhole Steam Tool in East Texas

To learn about the process and technology you can visit our website at www.downholesteam.com


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