Can “clean” fracking make the industry environmentally friendly?

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Can “clean” fracking make the industry environmentally friendly?

John Belgrave

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Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT), also known as “clean” fracking, uses electrical pulses, aka vibrations, to fracture shale while requiring no water or chemicals. This new technology might serve as the happy medium between citizens’ environmental and safety concerns and oil companies’ needs to reclaim oil from shale. It will hopefully produce fewer earthquakes.

As reported by OilPrice.com, “According to Propell, the Plasma Pulse patented downhole tool creates a controlled plasma arc within a vertical well, generating a tremendous amount of heat for a fraction of a second. The subsequent high-speed hydraulic impulse wave emitted is strong enough to remove any clogged sedimentation from the perforation zone without damaging steel. The series of impulse waves/vibrations also penetrate deep into the reservoir causing nano fractures in the matrix which increase reservoir permeability for up to a year per treatment.”

Houston-based Propell Technologies Group Inc. (PROP) has the exclusive license in the US from Novas Energy. PPT was developed early in the 2000s at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute and the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute for Electrophysical Apparatus in Russia.

The “clean” fracking technology has excited many people, including Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, invested fifteen million dollars in Propell Technologies. Abramovich has a history of investing in oil technology, and with a $9.1 billion dollar fortune, he’s in the proper position to continue to build his reserves.

There are many benefits to PPT, which makes it a viable option for oil companies faced with meeting tighter environmental regulations that won’t break their budget.



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