Forum Rules & Guidelines

Below are our Forum Rules & Guidelines for allowed conduct on the IOREdge forums. We encourage that you stay up to date with these guidelines whenever we announce any changes and report anyone you find violation.

Please help keep our forums clean

There is a "Report" button on the bottom of each forum post that allows you to notify a moderator when you find someone breaking the forum rules. We want this forum to be a valuable asset to individuals interested in discussing topics related to the oil industry, and with everyone working together we can accomplish that goal.

Breaking any of these rules will result in an infraction or potentially a ban from using the forums, depending on what the moderators see fit. Infractions are strikes against your account. If you have too many infractions, our forum moderators may see fit to permanently ban you.

The following rules and guidelines are as follows and may change over time:

  1. Realize that your conduct on these forums will effect our decisions about your access to the IOREdge social network, blog and any other parts of the site. Being banned from the forums may also prompt us to ban you from other parts of the site as we see fit.
  2. Do not post content that would be considered obscene, racist, x-rated, sexist or hurtful to other users or groups on or off the forums.
  3. Personal attacks, harassment, name calling, flaming will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but challenging others' opinions should not be done in an disrespectful way.
  4. Anyone found spamming the forums will be banned. Spam includes, but is not limited to, unrelated topics, promoting affiliate links or companies, links to illegal downloads, x-rated and questionable websites or posting content that has no relevancy to IOREdge or the forums.
  5. Do no create threads in the wrong board.
  6. Violating another person's privacy is wrong and you will be banned without notice.
  7. Discussion of politics and religion is prohibited. This forum isn't meant for debating political and religious views.
  8. Your forum signatures and avatars are subject to the same rules and conditions as posting. Your forum signatures cannot contain images wider than the current signature width, maximum height for total images is 300px.
  9. Using content that is not yours, without the use of quotes, may result in an infraction or possibly a ban.
  10. Direct messages are subject to the same rules as posting.
  11. Any behavior that is malicious, harmful or slanderous against any organisation, individual or group of individuals on or off the forums is due cause for a ban.

We hold the right to change these rules, as we see fit, at any time. Please follow the rules and have fun!