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Two New Programs!

Firstly we would like to thank all of our current users for joining our community.  Even though we are still in our beta stage, our community now has members in Canada, United States, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kuwait, Sudan, Colombia, and Trinidad.

We recently released two new engineering applications, which can be found in our technology section.  The first of the two programs is the Oil and Gas Properties tool.  This application is capable of estimating the physical properties of oil and gas mixtures with known and unknown compositions using a wide range of accepted correlations.

The second program is our C7+ Characterization program.  This application takes the mole fraction and physical properties of a heavy fraction in a mixture, splits the heavy fraction into a number of Single Carbon Number groups (SCN) and a new heavy fraction and then calculates their physical properties.

We have also included a Helpful Resources tab within the technology section.  This tab contains a Physical Properties for Pure Components table by Tarek Ahmen.

Please let us know what technical applications you would like to see next, and we would like to thank all of you again for supporting!




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